Why does a Supplier need a Finance Solution for their End Users?

Ask yourself this. What is a schools biggest objection when it comes to buying new equipment?

Ask yourself this. What is a schools biggest objection when it comes to buying new equipment?


When suppliers are selling equipment to schools, in particular, the main objection they come across is they don’t have the budget to buy what they want or need…

You will see that some schools may tend to upgrade bit by bit over the course of a few years. This creates issues. Mainly in the fact the equipment is no longer uniform across classrooms,  teachers need to be trained on different systems if moving to a class with unfamiliar products and it creates a divide for students. New equipment is always more exciting than old.


From a supplier perspective, IF a school needs to get 3 quotes and yours is the only one that doesn’t show a clear alternative option for paying, you are at a disadvantage. You will never lose business by offering a compliant operating lease. In fact, you will have a much better chance by overcoming the biggest objection of all, budget.


A Money Sphere compliant and transparent lease option is totally free of charge for  suppliers to offer and we will do everything we can to help you win the deal while making sure the school is extremely happy with what they are getting, both from a finance and equipment point of view. We are well considered due to our fair practice offering.


Money Sphere can create a simple and easy to use calculator for the sales team to use at point of giving the information. It is simply added to the quote to the end user or we can be contacted and we will do the lease information and send it back to you or the school, if you would rather.


Suppliers will say they don’t get asked for leasing. This doesn’t mean its not happening, they are just going with someone who does and by spreading their equipment cost over a number of budgets, the school can get what it really needs to make an impact, not just what it can afford at the time. Click here to find out more about our education finance solutions.

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