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Money Sphere have a fantastic network of over 100 fully supporting suppliers and dealers that provide equipment AND SUPPLIER FINANCE in to the education and business marketplace.

We help with supplier finance in and around the UK. At the beginning of most of these relationships we always got the same response. “We never get asked for leasing”. This came from one of our most prolific dealers who have now done well over £500,000 worth of equipment leasing into the education sector alone in their first three months of dealing with Money Sphere.


The agreement was specifically designed to be straightforward both for you and your school and easy to read, so you can get the clients’ “go ahead” with the minimum amount of fuss. The added benefit being, if needed, we will speak directly with the business or school to advise directly how best to proceed.


We have leased into schools and businesses since 2001. We have researched your market in depth and have structured our operation to ensure that you will make EXTRA PROFIT as a result of the way we operate and we are totally committed to your business.


Our personal service comes with a dedicated contact who will assist you in every way possible. We guarantee to put you first and go above and beyond for your business and requirements.

Once the goods are installed to your customer’s satisfaction, we ensure that all invoices are paid within 48 business hours, which will improves any company’s cash flow. It also stops you having to chase payments or give 30, 60 or in some cases 90 days free credit.

We adopt a totally flexible approach to business. We work around the traditional rules such as no maintenance, installation or any unusual equipment, we can look for these to be included on the lease.

Schools or businesses who use lease can afford to obtain the equipment they need, not just what they can afford at the time. We have helped many suppliers furnish whole schools with interactive panels on lease instead of paying outright for a few screens per year.

The beauty of leasing, is that your payments never adjust over term. No matter what happens with interest rates, the payments remain fixed. If it’s one thing we do know, business and finance managers really don’t like surprises.

We deal with over 100 fully supporting suppliers that sell equipment in to both public and private sectors.

what are the benefits of supplier finance?

understand how supplier finance can help you

Give your business a competitive advantage with one of our industry leading finance products.

Finance Blog Operating Lease

overcome funding restrictions

work around your budget

Budget, is by far the biggest objection to deal with. Quoting a compliant operating or finance lease figure helps you to overcome capital expenditure restrictions. Leasing is a revenue expenditure and therefore does not affect capital budgets. 

Business Finance

justify equipment &
service costs

for end user satisfaction from day one

The end user doesn’t derive 100% of the benefits from your products or services on day one. By offering a compliant operating or finance lease option, they can enjoy the solution and everything it has to offer while they pay for it. As a chair of governors once said to us, “The school wouldn’t dream of paying for the teachers wages three years in advance, so why would we pay for our equipment up front?”.

Supplier Finance

sell more &
increase order values

a win-win for supplier and end user

Most companies and schools purchase what they can afford at that given moment and this has a direct impact on your order values. Our compliant lease solutions will also help as the customer, instead of thinking in terms of “What can I afford?” can now think in terms of “What do I need?” as a school or business often needs far more than their capital budget will allow. By offering your end user the solution to this helps both the end user have a perfect fit for their needs and you sell more as a result. It really is a win-win situation for both supplier and end user.

Research and Development

transparent from
the start

clear on what happens on each stage

Money Sphere pride themselves on being open and clear on what happens at every stage of every lease. You and your end user will be made aware of what happens at the start, in the middle and at the end of every agreement. We get approached from many suppliers who have been upset by the practices of their current lease provider. There is too much left to chance with being offered fair market value at the end of an agreement, because you can rest assured, the market will never favour your end user and the supplier bears the brunt because they introduced a finance company that offers smoke and mirror solutions.

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